Nothing completes a Besselink light better than the perfect shade. We make the most beautiful lampshades in the world using methods handed down from generation to generation.

Spun and dyed silks are sewn onto brazed frames, bound, lined and pleated, all by hand.

Select from two dozen honan coloured silks, plain card or hand painted dragons, bug or bees. Our shades are also available in oiled, crackled distressed and aged parchment, or if you prefer, you can just supply your own material. Then choose a shape from Empire, Wide Top, Coolie, Square, Portmeirion, Oblong, Pumpkin, American Drum and many others.

You won't find a larger choice of shapes and sizes, or a larger selection of trims and braids. There are 80 different types of trim from simple Russian braids and fan edges to Doxy and Bullion fringes and 11 types of pleats.

Our range covers every type from tiny candle clip shades for chandeliers to huge six foot tear drop pendant shades for the grandest of rooms. Any size or shape you can think of we can make quickly for you. We can advise and work with you to make exceptional lampshades for any project.

Trim & Colour Options

We have a full range of trim, material and colour options for our shades. We can create bespoke hand painted shades on request with a stock range of cards and parchment styles to match any design. Our silks are available in over a hundred colours or made on request with your supplied fabrics. A full range of braids and fringes is available to finish off your shades. Please see below for more information or get in touch for samples.

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Braids and Fringes

Russia Braids


School Tie & Other Braids


Block Fringes


Doxy Fringes


Silky Block, Fan Edge and Bullion Fringes


Hand Painted Shades

Hand Painted Shades



Card Styles


Types of Pleats for Silks


Matka Silks


Honan Silks


Materials & Dimensions

All our silk shades are hand sewn by English craftsmen. The frames are hand brazed, plastic coated and then bound with fine cotton tape. Frames of 12" and over have a double base ring for added strength and endurance.

Most shapes can be made in silk, card or laminated card. Clients’ own fabric can in most cases be used. For unusual shapes and clients’ own designs please ask for a quotation and advice. The chart below shows recommended fabric quantities.

All shades dimensions are shown in inches. Conversion table from Imperial to Metric shown below.

Amounts of fabric needed for shades in clients' own material

Shade Base Diameter Fabric Width 120 cm Fabric Width 80 cm  
8" 0.75m 1.0m  
10" 1.0m 1.25m  
12" 1.25m 1.75m  
14" 1.5m 2.25m  
16" 1.75m 2.75m  
18" 2.0m 3.0m  
20" 2.5m 4.0m  
22" 3.0m 4.75m  
24" 3.5m 5.5m  


Inches to centimetres (rounded to nearest 1/2cm)

3.5" = 9cm
4.5" = 11.5cm
5" = 12.5cm
5.5" = 14cm
6" = 15cm
7" = 17.5cm
8" = 20cm

9" = 23cm
10" = 25.5cm
11" = 28cm
12" = 30.5cm
13" = 33cm
14" = 35.5cm
15" = 38cm

16" = 40.5cm
17" = 43cm
18" = 45.5cm
19" = 48cm
20" = 50.5cm
21" = 53cm
22" = 55.5cm

23" = 58cm
24" = 60.5cm
25" = 63cm
26" = 66cm
27" = 68.5cm
28" = 71cm